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3Cs Cider

The Craft Drink Company

The three founders of 3Cs cider William Sitwell, musician Toby Grafftey Smith and designer Jasper Galloway are three friends who live in the three counties of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. For several years they have made cider using a press they bought on eBay, storing and fermenting the juice in demi-jons before bottling and sharing the drink with friends. Nowadays the venture is scaling up, and the trio have teamed up with Perry's of Somerset to produce a truly excellent vintage cider.

Their vintage dry cider uses the best selection of apples including some wonderful old English varieties such as Harry Masters and Chisel Jersey. The apples are pressed and fermented to produce a rich and rounded flavour.

Read their full Brand Profile here.

The Craft Drink Company

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