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6 O'Clock

The Craft Drink Company

The 6 O’Clock gins were launched in 2010 as a refinement of the gin that had been the basis of the fruit liqueurs. A wonderfully smooth gin, these stylish and striking bottles stand out in any context. The spirit is distilled on a 200L copper pot still, Kathleen. Made to specification with a unique 'double sphere' condenser, the material and shape give the gin smoothness that is not possible with lesser equipment.

Bramley & Gage offer tours of their distillery, where you can find out about the intricate process firsthand. The sessions run on selected Saturday and Sunday afternoons and include a tour of the building where you’ll be shown some of the secrets and techniques that go into the production of 6 O’clock Gin and Bramley & Gage fruit liqueurs.

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The Craft Drink Company

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