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The Craft Drink Company

Brennen & Brown was established by Rich Bamber, a self-confessed gin enthusiast with a desire to create an exciting new gin that delivers the ultimate clean, crisp flavours so desired by gin appreciators.

By using a combination of traditional approach and new modern technology, Brennen & Brown have created two exciting spirits – their London Dry Gin with Ginger and Plum & Cardamom Vodka, both distilled in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

By employing new rotary evaporator technology, a unique combination of botanicals including ginger and base spirit are distilled together at low temperature and under vacuum to avoid overheating the natural botanicals and thereby safeguarding their aromas, flavours and natural properties.

All in all, Brennen & Brown’s passion and care about the ingredients and the process delivers these inspiring new drinks.


The Craft Drink Company

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