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Campfire Gin

The Craft Drink Company

Take two kindred spirits, a myriad of sensory experiences absorbed from travels to countries near and far, throw in a realisation that good gin can be enjoyed equally as well outside under the stars as it can at the bar, and you have the birth of Campfire Gin.

In 2014, Kate and Ben Marston began their winding journey into the world of gin culminating in the opening of Puddingstone Distillery, Hertfordshire’s first gin distillery, on 11 November 2016.

This dedicated duo has forged a reputation for producing classic award-winning gin styles with a contemporary twist. Flanked by their two stills, Isabella and Amelia, named after great female adventurers and a small “Campfire Crew”, the team are currently working on a number of unique collaborations and new product lines.

Their flagship Campfire Gin pitches camp on the boundary between classic and contemporary styles. It leads with an orange/juniper nose, leading to a rich berry middle and smooth sweet finish. Ten carefully selected botanicals including Macedonian juniper, Peruvian golden berry, sweet orange zest and British coriander are macerated in the finest UK wheat alcohol then removed from the still prior to distillation.

Read their full Brand Profile here.

The Craft Drink Company

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