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The Craft Drink Company

The emphasis on building knowledge and hype around the hugely varied product that is cider has always been the aim of Will and Phil, both avid cider drinkers and consummate connoisseurs of the craft.

The two 'cidersmiths' believe that cider is part of the national heritage, and that it’s a cause for celebration. Wanting everyone to enjoy cider as much as they do is probably a bit too big a challenge, but if they can help a few people to try and enjoy it then that’s a good enough start!

Cidersmiths believe in three principles:
1. Good cider is never made from concentrate, only from juice because it tastes far better.
2. Knowing where their apples come from; what varieties are they; how are they grown?
3. Cider should be made in a sustainable way that leaves the beautiful countryside just as it was found.

Read their full Brand Profile here.

The Craft Drink Company

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