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The Cornish Distilling Co.

The Craft Drink Company

Richard and Fionagh Harding were interested in distilling at their farm in North Cornwall, and so teamed up with Tom Read to create The Cornish Distilling Co. Tom's PhD in biochemistry stood him in good stead, and as Head Distiller he leads the process with everything done by them in their Bude distillery right from fermentation of the molasses through to bottling.

They are proud to be one of only a handful of distilleries across the UK who create their rum from scratch, and are the first to do so in Cornwall. Fermenting themselves, although time consuming, gives them more control over the flavour of the rum. What they have created is a range of truly special and authentic Cornish rums.

"A touch of alchemy, a touch of artistry...exceptional ingredients transformed into liquid gold"

Read their full profile, including tasting notes, here.

The Craft Drink Company

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