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Distillers Tonic

The Craft Drink Company

Distillers Tonic is a new premium tonic water brand for gin connoisseurs launched in May 2017. Specifically devised to pair with high quality gins, with a subtle flavour, low sugar and low carbonation, designed to deliver the taste experience the distiller intended. Tonic water has traditionally been very fizzy, which excessive carbonation disguises the botanicals of the gin. Distillers Tonic is gently carbonated for a super-smooth combination that ensures the gin's unique character and flavour are fully enjoyed. Distillers Tonic has been crafted as carefully as any gin and contains only natural ingredients. It is available in two versions - Original and Dry - and in two sizes - 200ml and 500ml. Revolutionise your favourite tipple with Distillers Tonic, for an authentic taste that’ll get your taste buds tingling. The perfect serve with Gin and irresistibly delicious on its own.

Read the full Brand Profile here.

The Craft Drink Company

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