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Loddon Brewery

The Craft Drink Company

Loddon Brewery is a family run company with a close-knit team of seven employees. The brewery was founded by Chris and Vanessa Hearn in 2002. After several months of searching, they found a suitable building for their brewery in a small village called Dunsden Green, situated on the rural estate of Lord Phillimore, and commenced brewing in July 2003. Loddon Brewery now has a 20-barrel brew plant which is capable of producing up to 100 brrewers barrels (28,000 pints) of beer each week.

Buying British is central to Loddon’s sourcing with its water drawn from its very own English well! Malted barley is predominantly grown in East Anglia and hops are sourced from Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Kent and a few from Slovenia too!

All of Loddon Brewery’s waste products are put to good use too; the spent grains are collected by a local farmer for cattle feed and the hops used by local gardeners for their allotments.

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The Craft Drink Company

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