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Nonsuch Shrubs

The Craft Drink Company

Nonsuch Shrubs was created as a defiant response to what some might call a difficult challenge. The creator of Nonsuch Shrubs, Henry Chevallier Guild, was challenged by his wife to not drink alcohol for an entire year. As a creative and voracious inventor, Henry took on this challenge (which he succeeded in completing), helped in part by replacing his G&Ts with Shrubs.

What is a shrub?
A shrub is an ancient, sometimes medicinal drink, made typically with fruit, herbs, and apple cyder vinegar. Shrubs have unique health-giving properties, being great for digestion and invigorating your gut’s natural biome. This adult non-alcoholic beverage is to be sipped over the course of an evening, much like a glass of wine, not gulped down like many sugary soft drinks. The vinegar that is present in the drink gives a slight tongue-tingling kick that is reminiscent of alcohol, despite containing none, and the intriguing and beautifully balanced fruit and herb combination give a flavour profile that is unmatched in everyday sodas and soft drinks.

The Craft Drink Company

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