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Percival & Co.

The Craft Drink Company

Percival & Co. is a premium elderflower tonic brand based in Oxfordshire. They aim to explore the limits of the RTD (ready to drink) category of drinks without compromising on flavour or origin.

The brand was created by Lucy Warhurst, who, after long days in the office, yearned for something refreshing and reinvigorating to drink but without the alcohol, sugar and calorie content of the usual alcoholic drinks on offer such as G&Ts, or a glass of white wine. She set to work on creating a delicious guilt free alcoholic drink to fill this gap, that didn’t feel like a compromise. Having grown up on a farm where elderflower cordial had been religiously made every summer, the hedgerows seemed like the right place to start. The drink has an apple wine base and uses elderflower and other local botanicals to create a light and refreshing lower-sugar, lower-alcohol, and lower-calorie alternative to the usual premixed drinks.

The Craft Drink Company

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