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The Craft Drink Company

"My craft drink journey started as an award-winning independent retailer in the Cotswolds, winning both the Taste of Gloucestershire Award for Best Independent Café in 2011 and the Cotswold Life Food & Drink Award for Best Independent Retailer in 2012, where the focus of our ranging was on sourcing the very best local food and drink.

I started the The Craft Drink Co in 2014, having noted a distinct lack of distribution support for local drink producers, and in our first year we helped 12 drink brands find quite a few new trade customers. Our business has grown since then and we now work closely with over 100 drink producers from Central England, helping them to reach both retail stockists and hospitality businesses. We supply over 800 independent outlets across our region with a professional and highly service-led drinks wholesale offering, helping these trade business source amazing drinks, and subsequently purchase ongoing through our weekly delivery pattern.

We see enormous potential for local or regional drink brands that have a superb liquid and unique story to tell, and a great business opportunity for those stockists that see the light and stock local, craft drinks."

Richard Chamberlain
MD and Founder

The Craft Drink Company

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