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Stratford Upon Avon Brewery

The Craft Drink Company

Stratford Upon Avon Brewery was established in 2013 by young businessman Richard Williams and is the first brewery in Stratford since the famous Flowers Brewery. Richard had a big passion for making beer at home and decided to set up his own brewery on his farm.

The farm looks to be as eco-friendly as possible – all of the spent hops and malts from the brewing process is sent to their Gloucester Old Spot pigs, meaning zero waste is produced from the brewery. The farm produces enough solar power to run the entire brewery and farm. Furthermore, the brewery uses its own spring water supply to make its beer, and has its own cooling circulation system meaning water is not wasted on cooling the beers like most other breweries. The result is fantastic tasting beers with excellent eco-credentials.

Read their full Brand Profile here.

The Craft Drink Company

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