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TOAD - The Oxford Artisan Distillery

The Craft Drink Company

Founder Tom, alongside Master Distiller Cory, decided from the outset that TOAD would be different. A truly sustainable craft distillery. With every step of the process carried out with careful consideration.

The distillery is situated in an 18th Century Grade II Listed Threshing Barn in South Parks, Oxford. The distillate itself is created from scratch using ancient populations of heritage grain that are organically grown on four local farms. The vast majority of the rye, wheat and barley is pre-1904, which is likely to have been used when the barn was first built, relinking this historical farm to its agricultural ancestry and supporting local industry. Furthermore, the bespoke copper still used to create this spirit is made by the South Devon Railway Engineering Company, the last great historical industrial coppersmiths in England.

They have recently collaborated with the Ashmolean Museum and Oxford University's Botanic Garden to create two new exotic additions to the range, using rare and specialist botanicals to create some very exiting blends.

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The Craft Drink Company

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