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Five Valleys Cordials

The Craft Drink Company

Following 25 years shared experience in the drinks industry husband & wife team Chris and Becky decided to head out alone, and so Five Valleys Cordials was born. The Cotswold countryside is their inspiration and the Five Valleys, with their bohemian values and artisan industrial roots, is their spiritual home.

These cordials strive to be great but without taking themselves too seriously. The range of 7 flavours are made entirely from natural ingredients; no preservatives, artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners added.

Five Valleys Cordials are packaged in a 375ml bottle and are made very concentrated, we suggest a dilution guide of 1:10 so that means each bottle makes up to approx 4 litres. Just add still or sparkling water, or use as a great mixer for cocktails. Select below for our recipe details.

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The Craft Drink Company

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