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Our Customers

The range of customers we serve is diverse.


Our selection of Cotswold drinks represents a great retail offering for many shops, ranging from farm shops, delicatessens, specialist drink retailers, convenience stores, regional supermarkets, garden centres and community village stores.

Hotels & restaurants

Our bottled waters, beers & ciders are well suited to hotels and restaurants looking for distinctive products that match well to food. Our Beer & Cider Menus demonstrate a contemporary presentation of these drinks.

Cafés & Tea-rooms

Whether you are licensed or not, we offer a range well suited to providing a point of difference to drink menus in Cafés and Tea Shops.

Catering businesses

We supply various catering business including outside caterers, wedding & conference venues and sports clubs, helping to create a truly unique and distinctive experience for members and guests.

Workplaces and public sector catering units

Everyday catering in the workplace can be enhanced with our range of quality drinks. People can be continually inspired by top quality and we feel that this is especially so with products that we eat and drink.

Private Houses

We extend our service to private houses & estates requiring medium-to-large scale supply of drinks. With a minimum order of just £95 (ex. VAT), we deliver whole cases consignments to various household cellars.

Whatever your business or line of work, we welcome the opportunity to supply you with a first class range of artisan drinks.

The Craft Drink Company

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