World Bee day falls on the 20th May every year, the birthday of Anton Jansa, a pioneer of modern beekeeping. Anton was fascinated by bees for their ability to work so hard while requiring very little attention.

Bees are not only essential for the creation of honey based drinks, they, and other pollinators are responsible for sustaining nearly 90% of the world’s flowering plant species!

That’s why we have decided to support our brands that support bees and the beekeeping industry this May.


Beeble was founded by a beekeeper and a bookkeeper whose aim was to prove that sustainability and business can coexist and flourish at the same time.

Together, Matt and Nicola are responsible for the existence of 130 hives (8 million bees) around their home in Wiltshire, where they collect and use honey in their scrumptious Original Honey Whisky and Honey Vodka Liqueur.

Their mission is to support and celebrate the bees for the life force that they are, and they are completely sustainable.

Bushel and Peck

Bushel and Peck only use unsprayed fruit to ensure that the fruit is as natural as possible and that no birds, bees, bugs or mammals have been harmed unnecessarily in the making of their drinks.

They support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and ensure that attention is paid to their environmental impact as well as, of course, the important role bees play in pollinating fruit trees.

As well as some great brands that support bees directly, we also have a range of brands supporting bee industries with some exceptional honey-based products!

Bumblebee Cider

BumbleBee honours the bees for their part in the process (namely pollinating next year’s apple blossom) and supports bee conservation.

Backing British farmers, BumbleBee is both ethical and environmentally friendly!

Wye Valley Meadery & Hive Mind

Wye Valley Meadery are a small, family run company founded by two brothers based in the beautiful Wye Valley, in the Welsh borders.

Combining their love of nature and interest in brewing, the brothers set out to create something unique by taking the world’s oldest form of alcohol and giving it a modern twist.

They have also turned their hand to brewing, and have created a delicious range of honey based beers called Hive Mind.

By brewing with malt and honey, the delicate and sweet flavour of honey shines through even when paired with punchy double hopped IPA’s


Penrhos Honey Spiced Rum is a celebration of the amazing bees that keep their family farm running smoothly. The team love honey and have a passion for spirits, so they thought why not create a Honey Spiced Rum!

Burning Barn

The honey that Burning Barn uses in this spirit gives the liqueur a beautifully silky texture and a naturally sweet flavour. It is best enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

Berkshire Botanicals

Berkshire Botanical’s range of 5 gins includes a delicious Honey & Orange Blossom Gin. This spirit is copper pot distilled and then gently infused with locally sourced Berkshire Honey & Orange Blossom.

The Sweet Potato Co

Their super smooth Copper Pot distilled moonshine is blended with fine British Honey. When you open the bottle, a delightfully rich Honey-Suckle Blossom nose awaits followed by a lingering buttery cream finish.


Their Honey Spiced Rum is made using barrel aged spiced rum that has been infused with Worcestershire honey and English coriander.

It produces a smooth, honey spice aroma that leads to a ginger, orange and vanilla finish. Spicy coriander, nutmeg and a hint of oak underpin this full bodied rum. Perfect when served over ice or with your favourite mixer.

We are currently running promotions on Beeble and Wye Valley Meadery / Hive Mind until the end of May.

Click here to see our full range of Honey infused drinks and add them to your range!

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