Celebrating World Bee Day 2022

The main purpose of World Bee Day on May 20th is to raise awareness about the importance of bees and other pollinators. Bees are some of the most important pollinators, ensuring food and food security, sustainable agriculture, and biodiversity, along with the conservation of the environment. 

We would therefore like to spotlight some superb brands from our portfolio who are working closely with bees and the beekeeping industry and making a difference in raising awareness to their importance.  

Beeble Honey Whisky

Beeble was founded by a beekeeper and a bookkeeper whose aim was to prove that sustainability and business can coexist and flourish at the same time.

Together, Matt and Nicola are responsible for the existence of 130 hives    (8 million bees) around their home in Wiltshire, where they collect and use honey in their scrumptious Original Honey Whisky, Honey Vodka Liqueur and their ‘Swarm’ Honey Rum.

Nicola’s first colony of bees provided enough honey to distribute amongst friends and family, but she soon realised that it was difficult to avoid wasting residual honey that was left on the frames within the hive.

To avoid this waste, Nicola and Matt soaked the frames into whisky. This turned out to be the first ever batch of Beeble Honey Whisky and they haven’t looked back since!

Berkshire Botanical is an artisan spirits brand created by Johnny Neill and located in the stunning 9,000 acre Yattendon Estate in West Berkshire. The Berkshire Botanical philosophy is to create enduring and sustainable botanical spirits and liqueurs using botanicals growing on the estate.

Their range of 5 gins includes a delicious Honey & Orange Blossom Gin. This spirit is copper pot distilled and then gently infused with locally sourced Berkshire Honey & Orange Blossom.

The inspiration behind this gin comes from the flora and the fauna on the Yattendon Estate.
On the palate, enjoy notes of fragrant orange blossom, light notes of honey alongside crisp juniper and citrus.

For the ideal G&T, mix with an Elderflower Tonic. 

Berkshire Botanical Honey & Orange Blossom Gin
Burning Barn Honey & Rum

Burning Barn Honey & Rum is an exceptional spirit and at 29% ABV is made of pure honey and golden rum liqueur from Guyana.

On the nose, you’ll get a pleasing and distinct alcoholic scent embroidered with the floral scent of British summer, followed by rich peppery notes of the base rum that balances perfectly with English honey. 

The honey that Burning Barn uses in this spirit gives the liqueur a beautifully silky texture and a naturally sweet flavour. It is best enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

Summer cocktails are also a natural bed-fellow for this spirit – amazing over ice with real lemonade or try with lime, mint and soda water for a blindingly good Honey Mojito! 

Gosnells was founded by Tom Gosnell in 2013 with the aim of bringing mead back to the masses. Tom and the rest of the Gosnells team now brew from a space in Peckham, employing traditional brewing methods, blending carefully sourced citrus blossom honey with water to create a style of mead suitable for modern drinkers. 

As a small, independent team, they seek to do what they can to make the world a better place. They are huge supporters of sustainable biodiversity which is essential for them to maintain the supply of the finest honey for their drinks. 

They’ve created their own Mead Garden to enrich biodiversity at their Peckham home and work with community groups to re-wild urban areas with nectar-rich flowers, shrubs and trees. 

For more information on their range, see the Gosnells brand profile. 

Gosnells Mead
Hive Mind Honey Beers

Having established themselves as the fresh new voice in the mead market, Wye Valley Meadery have also turned their hand to brewing, and have created a delicious range of honey based beers called Hive Mind.

By brewing with malt and honey, the delicate and sweet flavour of honey shines through even when paired with punchy double hopped IPA’s. Balancing the hop and the honey is a fine art and Hive Mind have been able to carefully craft a wonderful range of unique and innovative beers, using their knowledge and expertise from mead making. The honey has been taken from their own hives which provides an authentic flavour profile. 

Their range consists of three exceptional honey beers of which are made with the same care and attention as their award-winning mead. 

The natural essence of the Herefordshire Marches is captured at Penrhos Distillery in an exceptional range of premium small-batch spirits. 

Penrhos Honey Spiced Rum is a celebration of the amazing bees that keep their family farm running smoothly. The team love honey and have a passion for spirits, so they thought why not create a Honey Spiced Rum!

Their exceptional triple distilled rum has been blended with their own honey from the farms cherry orchards which has resulted in a smooth and full-bodied rum with hints of sweet honey leading to tangy notes of orange and lemon peel leaving you with a tasty kick of allspice, cinnamon, peppercorns and nutmeg.

Serve with plenty of ice and one part Penrhos Rum to three parts ginger ale and a slice of lime or mixed into cocktails.

Penrhos Honey Spiced Rum
Ramsbury Brewery Honeybee Nectar

With a brand new and improved recipe, Ramsbury’s Honey Bee Nectar is distinctly moreish. First brewed in 2013, its taste is inspired by the natural landscape that surrounds the brewery in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. What’s so unique about the beer is that they use their own malted barley, which is grown just a few fields from the brewery itself along with honey from their own hives.

Honey from each area tastes a little different, and is unique to the hives from which it is collected. When added to the brew, it creates a truly delicious, local ale – the flavour of which can only be found in a Ramsbury beer. The deep sweetness of the honey perfectly balances out the bitterness of the hops, whilst accentuating the traditional flavours of a pale ale. To bring out the aroma, this year we finished the brew by dry hopping with Citra hops, for that fresh and light, bitter-sweet nose that is synonymous with honeyed pale ales. 

Tom Warner and his team carefully and lovingly create beautiful artisan spirits from a 200 year-old converted barn on a farm in the quaint village of Harrington, Northamptonshire. 

Warner’s have their own hives on the farm which keep their acre of botanicals healthy and provides a big dollop of honey for every bottle of Honeybee Gin.

The bees are well looked after and are housed in high quality hives, managed by the distilleries own beekeeper.

On the nose you can enjoy a complex floral bouquet with sweet honey and subtle spice. The palate is soft and creamy with lavender, rose and hints of grapefruit giving it a little zest. The finish is smooth and enduring with the dry-sweet spice of juniper and elderflower followed by lingering honey.

Warner's Honeybee Gin
Wildjac Honey Spiced Rum

Wildjac create an exceptional range of premium botanical spirits using natural ingredients foraged from the Wyre Forest and surrounding land. 

Their Honey Spiced Rum is made using barrel aged spiced rum that has been infused with Worcestershire honey and English coriander.

It produces a smooth, honey spice aroma that leads to a ginger, orange and vanilla finish. Spicy coriander, nutmeg and a hint of oak underpin this full bodied rum. Perfect when served over ice or with your favourite mixer.

The rum is made from sustainably sourced sugar cane plantations grown in the sub-tropical climate and fields of Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras, which creates a very high yield, super sweet sugar cane. It is distilled using traditional methods, mostly on column stills and aged solely in ex-Bourbon oak barrels.

Willy’s is the third brand launch from William Chase, the founder of Tyrells
Crisps and Chase Distillery. Pedigree and taste is everything, therefore the main aim for Willy’s is to make people feel more connected to their food and appreciate that it isn’t always just a process, it’s a way of life.

This Honey & Turmeric expression is a probiotic apple cider vinegar containing live mother with turmeric, black pepper and honey.

Willy’s organic live apple cider vinegar with honey & turmeric is an          anti-inflammatory wellness tonic with adaptogens and gut-healthy goodness. 

The black pepper is a vital ingredient that helps with the absorption of the important curcumin found in turmeric. This unique blend of 48 wild apple varieties creates a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Willy's Honey & Turmeric ACV
Wye Valley Mead

Wye Valley Meadery are a small, family run company founded by two brothers based in the beautiful Wye Valley, in the Welsh borders.

Combining their love of nature and interest in brewing, the brothers set out to create something unique and took the world’s oldest form of alcohol and gave it a modern twist. What they have created is innovative, light, refreshing and rich in flavour, but also steeped in history. A true blend of old and new.

Many think mead is sweet and strong and something drunk by druids and monks. With mounting quantities of honey from their own bees and a desire to drink something different, they began creating session strength meads made with great ingredients and delicious flavours. Wye Valley Mead is a marriage of modern brewing techniques applied to the most ancient beverage.

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