NEW Ready-to-drink cans from East London Liquor Co.

Spearheading the boom in handcrafted spirits, the East London Liquor Company produce an array of spirits in beautiful copper stills sited in a converted glue factory in Bow Wharf, the heart of the capital’s old spirits industry. Led by founder Alex Wolpert, the focus is on traditional British recipes with quintessential English flavours, using 100% British wheat for the production of their small batch spirits. Not only are these spirits exceptional in taste and premium in terms of their quality, but they will not break the bank either. From the offset the East London Liquor Company were keen to produce a variety of spirits that were approachable to all, supported by their motto;

Decent Booze. For Decent People. At Decent Prices.

These are drinks you turn to for a midweek tipple with friends and family and we are thrilled to offer their extensive range. 

This month, we are pleased to introduce two new Ready-to-Drink cans. The East London Kew Gin & Tonic is a classic execution of the crowd pleasing long serve cocktail. It features subtle notes of Douglas fir and lavender harvested from the living collection at Kew Gardens. The East London Kew Botanical Spritz uses  macerates of wormwood, sweet orange, cassia and gentian root that the distillery produce in their development laboratory using East London Vodka. The addition of pressed rhubarb juice adds a bright fruity note to round out the bitter elements of the drink. Perfect for picnics and long summer walks!

East London Liquor Co - Kew Gardens Gin


We would also like to spotlight the incredible East London Kew Gardens Gin.

This is a collaboration gin with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and is ELLC’s shout-out to the plants and pollinators who make the botanicals in
their gin possible.

Bright Douglas fir and fresh, floral lavender are rounded out by sweet orange peel and earthy liquorice root and fennel seed, hitting all the right notes on your palate.

View more details on the East London Liquor Brand Profile or visit their website for more information.

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