Our work with Happerley


‘We are a fast growing movement and technology to empower consumers to instantly know the journey of their food and drink.’

Matthew Rymer – Happerley Founder

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency across the food and drink industry in pursuit of the knowledge regarding the impact their purchase has through the entire supply chain. Happerley is well placed and positioned to deliver exactly this.

Happerley was established by two farmers wanting to break down the disconnect between producer and consumer, and restore honesty and credibility to food provenance by turning food chain data transparent to the consumer. Its solution is engineered on two fundamental truths. Firstly, by turning food supply chains from consumer to producer transparent and visible, every participating business will benefit from reduced food fraud and misrepresentation. 

Secondly, it recognises that the truth of provenance of any produce begins at the beginning of the food chain – at birth or seed. By empowering the producer to apply a Passport, and enabling the upward food chain to validate that provenance at each stage, the consumer will become empowered to validate premiums.  Work is now underway to create a not for profit company to own and manage the certification process and marque for the long term benefit of all members of the food chain, from farmers to consumers, safeguarding its future.

Please see the Happerley website for more information.

What is a Happerley Transparent Brand?

A Happerley Transparent brand is one that has enabled transparency through its supply chain for all to see following a rigorous audit process. Happerley independently gathers all supplier information and verifies relationships and ingredient amounts. 100% of ingredient suppliers are required to be confirmed before Happerley Transparent status can be awarded.

Gold Standard Status
Being Happerley Transparent means being clear about your supply chain and naming your suppliers. However, to achieve Gold Standard Status, producers, intermediaries and retailers will need to name the exact source of their main ingredients for any given product, so a named farmer or grower which has been verified by Happerley.
This is a great opportunity for businesses to have that conversation with suppliers about their supply chain.
Those brands who have achieved Gold Status will bear the Gold Happerley logo on their profile. 
The Craft Drink Co & Happerley

We have connected with Happerley and will be leading the way in championing a completely transparent approach to producers supply chains.

As a Provenance Sector Champion, we play a critical role in Happerley’s journey, not only in turning the drink industry transparent but in inspiring and educating all consumers to understand the true journey of their drinks!

Please visit our brand pages and take a look at those who are already Happerley Transparent. Those who are fully certified will bear the Happerley logo on their profiles.