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Limoncello is a moreish Italian liqueur, made from lemon zest traditionally from Femminello St. Teresa lemons, a vibrant lemon variety native to the Sorrento Peninsula of Italy.

The origin of Limoncello is an area of contention amongst most producers but its roots can be traced back to Sorrento, Amalfi, or Capri. Many myths and tales of its true origins are somewhat erratic and include everyone from fishermen in the Middle Ages to thirsty monks.

The liqueur itself is made by steeping lemon zest in full strength ethanol or vodka until a natural oil is released. This is then mixed with a syrup for additional sweetness and flavour. 

For most, this delectable liqueur is often served chilled in a shot glass and is used as an apéritif or digestif to aid in digestion.

We have a handful of brands that are producing their own Limoncello or citrus inspired spirit, all of which can be discovered here:

Blackfords Limoncello

Food is very much centre of family life at the home of Paul and Hilary Blackford and many a sweet treat has been carefully crafted from the family kitchen. With a love of limoncello from Italy, it didn’t take Hilary long to start experimenting with creating her own and so Blackfords was born from their kitchen in a small Cotswolds village.

Made in small batches, with Amalfi lemons and a grain spirit, Blackfords Limoncello has a cleaner, sharper flavour than many. A lot of fresh lemon zest and spirit are married to sugar water to produce this lovely liqueur.

Packaged in striking bottles and branded in colours synonymous with the Cotswold flag, Blackfords Limoncello is ideal for restaurants, pubs and hotels looking for a truly authentic, high quality liqueur, and of course is a great retail.

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Ludlow Gin is famous for crafting a superb range of gin and now whisky, using only the finest ingredients, and no artificial colours or flavours. 

Taking inspiration from their favourite southern Italian liqueur, Wardingtons Ludlow Gin have combined their own grain spirit with three citrus fruits and a touch of sugar to bring you an intense and refreshing liqueur.

This superb liqueur is a combination of lemon, orange and pink grapefruit, combined to produce the perfect digestif, or alternatively as an aperitif with Prosecco for that extra fizz.

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Shakespeare Distillery Limoncello


Shakespeare Distillery is an independent artisan spirits producer based in Stratford upon Avon. The team love to experiment with different flavours to create a delicious range of spirits. 

Last year, the distillery launched a limited edition Limoncello, available only through their shop and website, but following its rave success, is being re-released and now available through us.

This glorious mouth-puckering Limoncello is packed with the flavour of fresh lemons, offering a mild sweetness and incredible smoothness, enough to rival the Italians!

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The Wasabi Company offer a truly original range of exceptional spirits, blending the traditional with the exotic. 

Their unique Yuzucello is an interesting take on a Limoncello, swapping out lemons for Yuzu, a tart Japanese citrus fruit that looks and tastes much like a lemon, but with less acidity.

This spirit is famously tart and complex with a heady floral aroma. The powerful flavour of yuzu makes a wonderfully original liqueur. Distilled with whole yuzu fruits from Kōchi, notes of lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and lime abound; the result is a unique citrus experience and an authentic cloudy appearance.

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The Wasabi Co - Yuzucello

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