Outstanding canned cocktail company MOTH Drinks has become the first premium, British ready to drink brand to get B-Corp accreditation!

B Lab, the charity behind B-Corp is a non-profit network that ‘strives to transform the global economy to benefit people, communities and the planet’, and is awarded to companies that meet its standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

MOTH Cocktails was founded in 2021 by Rob Wallis and Sam Hunt. They have partnered with many excellent spirit and mixer brands to create their delicious cocktail range including The English Distillery to create their Old Fashioned. 

The pair said that when founding the company, they worked hard to establish a work environment that offers fair pay with regular reviews to its staff, as well as personal development budgets and generous annual leave.

“We’re proud to have scored higher in this category than some longer-standing FMCG (fast-moving commercial goods) companies,” they said.

They also noted the company “strives to be kinder, with no empty promises”.

“We’ve partnered up with Zevero to calculate and verify our carbon footprint. Our Moth Margarita emits 33.54% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than sipping on a freshly made cocktail. We’re working to reduce our environmental impact as we grow,” they added.

We are proud to be stocking the full range of eight cocktails from moth from 100 to 200ml cans.

Click here to see the full range. 

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