Isaac Cider

Discovering Sir Isaac Newton in their family tree was a ‘eureka’ moment for Isaac cider. Carefully made with dabinett apples grown in our orchards in West Dorset, the team have developed a range of award-winning ciders that honour his works. About Isaac Cider Isaac Cider’s journey began with a lively tradition: their annual picking party […]

Hayles Fruit Farm

Hayles Fruit Farm is an enchanting family-owned business nestled on the picturesque outskirts of the idyllic Cotswold market town of Winchcombe, in the heart of Gloucestershire. About Hayles Fruit Farm Hayles Fruit Farm is a third-generation family owned & run business, established in 1938 with orchards dating back to 1880. Apple Juice & Cider production […]

Iford Cider

One guy, now a team of passionate fresh cider loving individuals on a one line mission to: CHANGE CIDER FOREVER Their Story Making cider the way we all thought it was made, fresh juice, wild fermented with no weird stuff. Relentlessly standing up and cutting through the patriarchy, big cider players trying to look small, […]

Rich’s Cider

Gordon Rich started pressing Somerset cider apples in 1954 and to this day, the cider mill remains a family business. Located on the Somerset Levels near Burnham-on-Sea, Rich’s Cider grow many of their own apples and press every juice on their farm, producing a range of styles and formats. We start with their 500ml sparkling […]

Pilton Cider

Pilton Cider was founded by Martin Berkeley within the cider heartland of Somerset. They are known for making superb whole juice sparkling ciders using the traditional method of ‘keeving’; an artisan practice of making naturally sweetened cider, principally from cider apples. A plethora of apples are gathered from selected traditional cider orchards in and around the […]

Honey’s Cider

Honey’s Cider is a well renowned cider brand started by Bob Honey and his daughter Jules in 2002, reviving the old apple orchards that had once been a central part of their farm. Honey’s has since been taken on by new owner Kimberley Jones who continues to produce a range of scrumptious, full bodied traditional […]

Burrow Hill Cider

Burrow Hill Cider has been at the centre of Somerset cider making for over 200 years. A blend of 40 apple varieties are used in crafting Burrow Hill’s premium cider, which has been the responsibility of Julian Temperley and Tim Stoddart, who between them have 60 years experience in cidermaking. Each bottle of Burrow Hill […]

Westons Cider

It all began in 1878 when Henry Weston began to produce ciders and perries from his home in Much Marcle Herefordshire. Using the wide variety of regional fruit grown in the surrounding orchards, Henry started pressing and blending. The fermented juice soon proved so popular that his work evolved into a business. Today ‘The Bounds’, […]

Napton Cidery

Napton Cidery made their first batch of cider as most do – from the apple trees in their garden. It turns out they were born cider makers! The cidery transformed from a hobby to a business in 2015 with the sole mission to collect unwanted apples from their village and surrounding orchards, to make truly […]

Wilces Cider

The Wilce family have been making cider near Ledbury for at least 6 generations (albeit mostly for their own pleasure!). This long-standing family of cider makers now produce award winning premium cider and apple juice for everyone to enjoy, using fruits from their own orchards that they wash, mash and press before leaving nature to […]

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