Still produced in their old mill in Stroud, Bottlegreen create a range of cordials and pressés. About Bottlegreen Founded by husband and wife, Kit & Shireen, in 1989. Bottlegreen celebrates over 30 successful years in the soft drinks market. Inspired by their background in wine making and with a desire to create something out of the ordinary, the couple began experimenting with an abundance of local elderflowers growing right on their doorstep. Using a unique cold filtration process, traditionally used for wine making, their hand-picked Elderflower cordial was created and the rest was history!  While the business has changed hands a few times, their Mill is still based in the heart of the Cotswolds, where it all began, where they draw spring water from their very own spring. About the Range Bottlegreen are best known for producing a range of cordials, each carefully crafted to deliver an unrivalled taste experience. Simply dilute to taste with still or sparkling water for a deliciously refreshing soft drink. They also produce a range of full bodied and light pressés, carefully crafted to deliver the ultimate taste experience. Best served chilled over ice. Sustainability Bottlegreen use bottles that are 100% recyclable. They also use recycled glass in the production of every bottle, all as part of their sustainability goal to reduce the use of unsustainable packaging. Their water is all sourced from their own spring. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL VISIT BOTTLEGREEN’S WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

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