Lyme Bay Winery

Lyme Bay Winery is the home of LBW Drinks. Founded in 1993, our small, dedicated drinks company is full of people who are passionate about producing delicious and award-winning English Still and Sparkling Wine, Fruit Wine, Cider, Mead, Liqueur and Spirits from our home in Devon’s beautiful Axe Valley. About Lyme Bay Winery Lyme Bay Winery combine their knowledge and love of flavours and ingredients with their wine-making skills to craft award-winning traditional drinks, tailored to the 21st-century palate. Each of these amazing products is fermented, blended and aged, as appropriate, right at the Winery under the supervision of the experienced team. About the Range Since 2015, Lyme Bay have been working with some of the best English wine growers to bring you a selection of delicious and award-winning still and sparkling wines. They are one of a very few wineries that works with growers all over the country to get the best fruit rather than relying on what is grown in their own vineyards. That way, they have access to different grape varieties that grow better on different soils and in different microclimates across the country and use them to make exceptional, full of character still and sparkling wines that suit every palate and occasion. Sustainability Lyme Bay are committed to conducting their production & operations in such a manner that it has a minimal effect on the local and global environment. They have moved to bottle all of their English Wines in-house rather than use a third-party bottler. They operate a 4-day working week which not only reduces commuting requirements for employees but enhances the efficiency of our production processes by reducing water and energy consumption. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL LYME BAY WINERY WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

Hive Mind Mead and Beer

All brewed with 100% honey, these sparkling meads are designed to be enjoyed like craft beer, fruity cider or sparkling wine. About Hive Mind Hive Mind Mead, formerly known as Wye Valley Meadery, is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and quality. They produce a range of meads and honey beers using British honey, including honey from their own hives in the Wye Valley. This practice supports local biodiversity, habitat conservation, and important pollinator populations. About the Range Their traditional meads include options like the award-winning Wye Valley Traditional Mead and Oak Whiskey Barrel-Aged Traditional Mead, both known for their rich, smooth flavours. They also produce sparkling meads in flavours such as ginger, elderflower, rhubarb, and pure honey, available in convenient 330ml cans. Sustainability Hive Mind Mead emphasizes natural ingredients and avoids synthetic additives, ensuring their products are gluten-free and made with care for the environment. Additionally, they support beekeepers in Zambia by purchasing honey and donating a portion of their profits to Bees for Development, an organization that promotes sustainable beekeeping globally. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL HIVE MIND WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

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