Two Drifters Distillery

Award-winning, British-made Rum from Devon. B Corp Certified, independent and carbon negative. A range of delicious Premium, British, truly sustainable Rums. About Two Drifters Russ & Gemma Wakeham have two passions – rum and carbon emissions. So they now use their delicious rums (and distillery) to show the drinks industry how to reduce carbon emissions. About the Range Four rums all made from 100% molasses. Fermented, distilled, spiced, aged, bottled, labelled and shipped all from Two Drifters. They have a flagship Pure White Rum, beautifully dry Lightly Spiced Rum, aged Signature Rum and the famous Overproof Spiced Pineapple Rum. Sustainability Probably the worlds most sustainable rum. With a self imposed carbon tax, they prioritize carbon avoidance and financially penalize themselves if they produce emissions (from cradle to grave). They use permanent carbon capture & storage for all emissions they cannot avoid. Each bottle therefore removes more carbon than it produces. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL TWO DRIFTERS DISTILLERY WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY


Wildjac is an eco-conscious distillery crafting premium, handcrafted spirits from foraged ingredients in the Wyre Forest. Committed to sustainability, we blend botanicals with a serious approach to distillation. About Wildjac Based in the heart of the Wyre Forest, Wildjac operates by shared ideals, prioritising customers, sustainability, and teamwork. They strive for excellence, encourage diverse ideas, and champion sustainability. Their vision is to lead with quality, choice, and kindness to the planet, inspiring conscious choices in consumer goods. About the Range Wildjac’s range showcases locally foraged ingredients, emphasising a sustainable supply chain by collaborating closely with local farmers. Their spirits, including gin, vodka, and rum, capture the essence of the English countryside, ensuring quality and supporting the community. Sustainability Wildjac actively promotes sustainability in every aspect of their operations. At the Wildjac distillery, traditional techniques and advanced technology are used for efficiency. Their commitment extends to packaging, featuring their card ‘Frugal’ bottles, ensuring a lower environmental impact. They also donate 1% of turnover to charities, reinforcing their environmental and community commitment. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL WILDJAC WEBSITE ALL BRANDS

Ludlow Gin

It all began with the birth of Ludlow Dry Gin in 2018. From the outset, Ludlow Distillery wanted to create premium hand-crafted gins that you could drink neat; distilled spirits should be creations of beauty, something to savour. Ludlow Distillery distil gin as it has been crafted for hundreds of years, using only the finest natural botanicals, and definitely no artificial colours or flavours. About Ludlow Distillery “I’ve seen the food scene grow and develop over this time; I spotted a gap and thought I could combine my passion for premium spirits with my passion for Ludlow. It’s something new for the town I love, something that will spread the news that it’s a great place to visit.” – Shaun Ward, Owner Ludlow sits at the historical heart of the Welsh Marches, the borderlands between Wales and England. This region has been Shaun’s home for the last 20 years; it’s an incredible place, from the rugged landscape of Shropshire to the rolling hills of Herefordshire. About the Range It began with crafting the very best gin, it was only a matter of time before we used our skills to bring a premium whisky, vodka and rum to the market as well. All created with the same commitment to handcrafted excellence. Ludlow Distillery use a traditional, copper-pot distillation, all they add is water to bring the gin to bottling strength. Sustainability Ludlow Distillery’s spent malt is donated to local farmers within two miles, to be used in their biodigester to create clean energy. They have also taken steps to reduce packaging weight, which in turn, improves our carbon footprint. This includes bottles, cardboard outers. Their site is also powered by on-site hydro and solar plants. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL VISIT LUDLOW GIN WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

Penrhos Spirits

Penrhos has been internationally recognized for it’s award winning gins and market leading innovations in sustainable packaging. The Penrhos goal is to create better. About Penrhos Spirit Founded in 2018 on their farm in Herefordshire by Charlie and Dickie. Penrhos set about finding ways to use the wonky fruit grown on our farm. This goal has never changed , their gins reflect what they grow and are full of natural flavours. About the Range Since the launch in 2018 Penrhos has grown the range of spirits from Handcrafted Dry Gin to include a selection of natural flavours taken from their farms. Formats include award winning recycled aluminium bottles, glass and refill pouches. Sustainability Penrhos think the best way to help the planet is to find ways not to produce carbon. In 2023 they launched the internationally acclaimed first spirits bottle made from 100% recycled aluminium which reduced the carbon footprint of our bottle by 91%. They are looking for more. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL VISIT PENRHOS WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

The Cornish Distilling Co.

The Cornish Distilling Co are producers of genuine British rum, created on site at their distillery in Bude, Cornwall. Unlike most British sellers who import their rum from the Caribbean and add flavouring, The Cornish Distilling Co create their own rum from scratch. The fermentation process, although time consuming, allows the team to have more control over the flavour of the rum. The team are are proud to offer you their range of authentic British rums, a feat that is not widely explored in the UK. Their Story The Cornish Distilling Co. is a collaboration between Richard & Fionagh Harding, and Tom Read.  After completing his PhD and working as a Lifeguard in Cornwall, Tom began developing his skills as a barista and his interest in cocktails and spirits.  Richard and Fionagh were planning on distilling at their site on Norton Barton Artisan Food Village, and were looking for a distiller to work with.  Richard, Fionagh and Tom met, and discussed the idea of Tom taking on the distillery to develop a new spirit line. Tom, began learning and working on distilling rum from scratch with the support of the Hardings.  His PhD in biochemistry has stood him in good stead, and the first product release in September 2017 was Kalkar, a Cornish rum and coffee spirit.  Kalkar won three gold stars at the Great Taste awards. After the success of Kalkar, the team moved their attention to the development of the first Cornish-distilled spiced and white rums. Morvenna white and spiced rums where released in June 2018 and have become best sellers in their own right. The new distillery As of 2019, work is well underway and nearing completion with the new distillery that will house The Cornish Distilling Co and allow them to increase production ten-fold to meet rising demand. The site at Norton Barton Artisan Food Village is set on the North Cornish coast, just outside of Bude and looks over the Atlantic ocean. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL VISIT CORNISH DISTILLERY WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

Warner’s Distillery

Established in 2012, Warner’s Distillery is an independent, family-owned business based at Falls Farm, in the village of Harrington, Northamptonshire. Steeped in ancient farming history, the estate dates back to the 13th century knights hospitaller, whose ponds were fed by the farms spring water. About Warner’s Distillery Since launching in 2012, Tom and Tina Warner have built an expert team, producing unique spirits, elegantly crafted from ingredients grown on the farm such as Elderflower, Angelica, Lemon Verbena and Lavender and more recently the common dandelion which is used to make their Spiced Botanical rum. About the Range To make Their range of 100% natural award-winning spirits, they use real farm-born ingredients, because real tastes better. Sustainability Doing the right thing lies at the heart of all that warner’s do. Warner’s is a carbon neutral company that promises to take care of nature, the way she takes care of us. Warner’s is proud to be one of the first B Corp certified distilleries in the UK, putting people and planet alongside profit. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL WARNER’S DISTILLERY WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

Spirit of Ilmington

The Spirit of Ilmington range of products are produced in the North Cotswolds village of Ilmington. Apple Brandy, much praised by Fortnum & Mason and Prue Leith, was their first product. A certain amount of the Apple Spirit is included in their Dry Gin, Spiced Rum and Vodka in order to enhance the botanicals and spices. Fruit gin liqueurs are made by steeping fruit from the Vale of Evesham in their Dry Gin. They are Damson, Raspberry, Cherry & Almond and Rhubarb & Ginger. Their Story The story began in 2014 when it was decided that something ought to be done with the glut of apples on the trees in the houses in village that went to waste. Ilmington had an ancient tradition of cider making that had lapsed, so it was decided to revive it. Apples were harvested and many villagers brought their apples in sacks for them to be scratted and pressed into apple juice, which was then fermented. The finished product was excellent and so it was decided to sell it. Production had taken place in Frog Lane and the parallel street was Grump Street, so the name Grumpy Frog was coined and that is the company name today. It was decided to take matters further and a distillery licence was obtained and an excellent Apple Brandy was produced. This was much praised by Prue Leith and sold in Fortnum & Mason under the brand name of Spirit of Ilmington. It is sold in 35cl bottles and 10cl flasks. Dry Gin, Spiced Rum and Vodka are produced by a third party to our specifications and then is blended with a proportion of apple spirit to make unique flavours. They are sold in 70cl bottles and 10cl flasks. Fruit is bought from the Vale of Evesham and is seeped in our Dry Gin to produce Damson, Raspberry, Cherry & Almond and Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueurs. These are sold in 35cl bottles and 10cl flasks. An attractive presentation box is available, which takes three of the 10cl flasks. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL SPIRIT OF ILMINGTON WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

The Sweet Potato Spirit Co.

Each and every bottle of Sweet Potato spirits starts their journey on the farm where only the finest sweet potatoes are hand-picked and used in making a selection of superb spirits.  Once at the distillery, their expert distilling team combine methods passed down through the generations along with their clever modern techniques to produce an outstanding range of unique and innovative spirits. Their copper pot stills could tell a story or two, and are used to unlock flavours more than a hundred years in the making. These aren’t just any drinks. These are Sweet Potato Spirits. With Spirit. Their Story Based in Pershore, Worcestershire. The Sweet Potato Spirit Company make Sweet Potato Spirits. With Spirit. Many moons ago – in a speakeasy far, far away – thirsty drinkers lined up around the block for a sip of their neighbourhood bootleggers’ latest concoctions, with prohibition in full swing traditional distilling methods had all but dried up. Even the most basic ingredients were in short supply. But that wasn’t going to stop master moonshiners. Adversity became the mother of invention. Almost 100 years on, The Sweet Potato Spirit Company are still at it. Following the footsteps of their forefathers, they have taken the best of those age old methods forged in times gone by and added their own ingenious twists to create a range of artisan spirits packed with flavour. Crisp gins. Smooth Liqueurs. Pure Vodkas. Fabulous Rums. Even a modern-day Gold Medal winning twist on the moonshines that started it all. Their UK-first range has been created to satisfy the most discerning drinker no matter the occasion. Find your perfect spirit with S.P & join the revolution. Don’t just take their word for it. The Sweet Potato Spirit Company have won multiple Awards since they launched in 2016. They won ‘The World Food Innovation Award’ for ‘Best New Artisan Spirit’ for their range and have won medals in four different highly respected World Spirit Competitions and have recently added five Great Taste Awards to their Trophy Cabinet. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL VISIT SWEET POTATO SPIRIT WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

Shakespeare Distillery

Shakespeare Distillery is an independent artisan spirits producer based in Stratford upon Avon. They distil all their spirits in small handcrafted batches, ensuring they can devote their time and attention to creating great tasting range of gins and rums. The Tudor period was a significant time for spirit production. The monasteries had a stranglehold on distillation and gin’s primary purpose was medicinal. Thanks to Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries, the Tudor period became a time of great discovery, experimentation and innovation within the world of spirit production as people soon discovered it could be a very nice recreational drink too. Shakespeare Distillery aims to recapture this period of innovation by fusing traditional and in some cases forgotten ingredients with modern techniques to create exciting new spirits. Their Story Shakespeare Distillery is an artisan spirit producer, established in 2015. Everything produced is in small handcrafted batches, ensuring that time is devoted, and attention is provided to create the best tasting spirits around. Being based in Stratford upon Avon, the distillery wanted to create something authentic to their area and what is more authentic to the area than Shakespeare? Of course, the team couldn’t distil the bard himself into a bottle but they could look at the Tudor period in which he lived and bring the essence of this into their spirits, the first of which is Stratford Gin. The Tudor period was a significant time for spirit production, it was a time of change, the monasteries had a stranglehold on distillation (the process used to create an alcoholic spirit) and its primary purpose in their hands was medicinal. Thanks to Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries the Tudor period became a time of great discovery, experimentation and innovation within the world of spirit production as people soon discovered it could be a very nice recreational drink too. Thanks Henry! At Shakespeare Distillery the team aim to recapture this period of innovation by fusing traditional and in some cases forgotten ingredients with modern techniques to create exciting new spirits. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL SHAKESPEARE DISTILLERY WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

Salcombe Distilling Co

Distilled and crafted at the waters edge in Devon, Salcombe Distilling Co’s exceptional collection of multi-award-winning Salcombe Gin, New London Light non-alcoholic spirits & aperitifs, and their latest Salcombe Rum, use a variety of fresh botanicals, inspired by coastal locations around the world. EVERY BOTTLE HELPS MAKE OUR OCEANS HEALTHIER Every bottled purchased, or every sip, of Salcombe Gin or New London Light made, is helping support the Marine Conservation Society as SDCo. donate 1% for every bottle sold as part of the ‘1% for the Oceans’ initiative. This donation helps protect and regenerate vital ocean habitats. Their Story BORN OF THE SEA Inspired by the coastal vitality of Salcombe and its shipbuilding heritage, Salcombe Distilling Co. creates exceptional gin at its waterside distillery on Island Street, Salcombe; one of the world’s only distilleries directly accessible by boat. Salcombe Fruiters were schooner sailing vessels built in Salcombe and neighbouring Kingsbridge in the 19th century. These hand built ships were the fastest of their day, with copper sheathed hulls and an ability to sail close to the wind, they were small and fast to carry the highly perishable cargo of fresh fruits and spices from around the world to England’s ports. . Harnessing the essence of these ships’ precious cargo and their exotic trading routes, we use only the finest citrus fruits and spices to create our collection of exceptional multi-award winning gins, each led by flavour and inspired by history. Nestled amongst traditional boat builders on Island Street, we continue Salcombe’s legacy of producing outstanding handcrafted products. Drawing influence from our rich maritime history, we produce every drop of our gins with an unrivalled passion, care and attention to detail. BUY FROM OUR TRADE PORTAL VISIT SALCOMBE DISTILLERY’S WEBSITE OUR BRAND DIRECTORY

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