East London Liquor Co.

Spearheading the boom in handcrafted spirits, the East London Liquor Company produce an array of spirits in beautiful copper stills sited in a converted glue factory in Bow Wharf, the heart of the capital’s old spirits industry. Led by founder Alex Wolpert, the focus is on traditional British recipes with quintessential English flavours, using 100% […]

Neptune Rum

Neptune Rum is already making waves with a rum that makes no apology for playing on the seafaring imagery and history of rum on the high seas. It’s distilled in Barbados by Richard Seale, a fourth-generation rum master who is at the top of his game and extremely well regarded in the rum world. Neptune […]

The Cornish Distilling Co.

We distil genuine British rum from scratch on site in our distillery in Bude, North Cornwall – from fermentation right the way through to bottling. Whereas many other rum distilleries in the UK import rum and blend on site, we are proud to start the process from the beginning in our distillery.  By fermenting ourselves, […]

Spirit of Ilmington Apple Brandy

The craft distillery, Grumpy Frog, produces the Spirit of Ilmington range in the North Cotswold village of Ilmington. The original product is an Apple Brandy, which is distilled in an alembic copper still from cider made from local apples. Also produced are a Dry Gin, Damson Gin Liqueur, Raspberry Gin Liqueur and a Spiced Rum. […]

The Sweet Potato Spirit Co.

It begins with our love of sweet potatoes. Yes, we love them as a side order of fries but we wanted to push the boundaries of taste and texture and take the humble sweet potato to a higher level. As master moonshiners did with corn mash many moons ago, we took the smooth, rich flesh […]

Foxdenton Estate

Foxdenton is a family firm specialising in small scale production of Gin and English fruit gins based on traditional recipes. The family can be traced back to the Foxdenton estate since 1569. Their multi-award winning London Dry Gin, Foxdenton 48, uses organic botanicals. Foxdenton’s fruit gins are infused with seasonal English fruits such as Winslow […]

Burning Barn Rum

Burning Barn Rum is a small family-run craft producer with a history in fruit growing. They handcraft bold, irreverent rum with real spice and a touch of fire. Aiming to bring new and exciting rum flavours to the spirits market, Burning Barn offers consumers the same craft credentials they can find in the gin category. […]

British Polo

Founder and polo player Richard Hine identified in November 2015 that there was a gap in the market for a 100% organic gin. This proudly British quadruple distilled gin uses certified organic botanicals to create an exceptionally smooth and flavoursome gin. The gin is distilled from organic sugar beet, giving an exceptionally smooth, rounded and […]