Genie Living Drinks

Genie Living Drinks are an award-winning soft drinks brand that combines the art of crafting delicious drinks with the science of live cultures and fermentation. Their range consists of three kombuchas and two probiotic live sodas. All Genie drinks are vegan and contain live cultures that have been proven to survive until they get to […]

Gusto Organic Drinks

Gusto Organic Drinks are the leading purveyors of organic and Fairtrade sparkling drinks in the UK, created with the adult consumer in mind. Organic ingredients with a focus on ethical sourcing and flavour profiles have been combined to create a range of unique drinks that are both complex and delicious in taste! TheirStory Click here […]

Two Keys Mixers

Two Keys was founded in 2019 by spirit enthusiasts, James Simpson and Jack Herlihy. Uninspired by the existing mixers on the market, they were determined to create a mixer that is both unique and innovative that reflected the diversity, quality and craftsmanship that is so abundant in the spirit world. Their Story Click here to […]

Long Tail Mixers

Long Tail Mixers is the brainchild of two life long friends, Alex and Tom, who share a passion for the darker side of spirits. Their glorious range are uniquely crafted to pair perfectly with dark spirits, innovatively changing the way you drink whiskies, rums and bourbons. Equally, they are delicious on their own as a […]

Folkington’s Juices & Mixers

Folkington’s is a Sussex based company which produces fruit juices, drinks and mixers that have unique provenance and authenticity. TheirStory Click here to read their story Brand Profile Click here to see the full brand profile Find Out More Click here to visit the brand website Their Story ‘Folkington’s was founded in 2012 by our […]

Radnor Hills

  The source of Radnor Hills lies in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this very under populated area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. As you enjoy our products you will be consuming one of the natural wonders of […]

Wenlock Spring Water

Homepage Wenlock Spring’s premium British water is drawn from a source that has been in constant use since 1086. Their  ethos is provenance, style and sustainability, relevant now more than ever.  The Shropshire based premium British spring water brand have redesigned their recycled plastic (rPET), fully recyclable range to illustrate their natural origins. Their Story […]

Firefly Botanical Drinks

Firefly produce revitalising botanical drinks, expertly crafted from still water, fruit juice and active botanicals for the perfect blend of flavour and refreshment. At Firefly, they never add anything nasty, but we sometimes add something naughty – all our drinks are delicious mixed with a splash of spirit. TheirStory Click here to read their story […]

TwelveBelow Tonics

TwelveBelow is the UK’s first all natural genuinely low sugar tonic, sweetened with a dash of organic agave, 12 calories per 100ml serving and 100% natural. TheirStory Click here to read their story Brand Profile Click here to see the full brand profile Find Out More Click here to visit the brand website Their Story […]

Willy’s Kombucha & ACV

Homepage Willy’s story started with the humble potato. Today, it’s all about 48 special apple varieties grown at Willy’s Herefordshire home and turned into raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Here, the orchards are ancient, and the biodiversity is unique. It’s also home to ‘The Mother’, the most important star in our story. Their Story Click here […]