Bar Buoy Cocktails produces a range of coastal inspired ready-made cocktails mixed by the sea in Devon. Each one is carefully crafted using premium spirits and high quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible.

About Bar Buoy Cocktails

Tim and Ria Ball are at the helm of Bar Buoy which began in 2020 when they would meet friends on the beach with a flask full of Tim’s carefully crafted Margarita.

The feedback was always unanimously good and the question was soon asked…. “why don’t you bottle it? So they did. Fast forward to now and although the shape and size of the business has changed, the purpose of it hasn’t and the main aim remains the same…to produce a range of premium cocktails with provenance, that put smiles on faces and let the good times roll.

About the Range

The Bar Buoy Ready-to-Drink Cocktail collection offers a range of sophisticated, coastal-inspired cocktails, each crafted with care and precision. From the refreshing Coastal Paloma featuring Salcombe Gin to the complex Long Isles Iced Tea with a blend of spirits, citrus, and tea, their offerings cater to a variety of tastes.
Dive into tropical bliss with the Island Daiquiri, bursting with the flavours of passion fruit, pineapple, and lime, or savour the smoky sophistication of the Wood Fired Margarita, infused with tequila, smoked hickory, and sea salt.


Sustainability is prioritised throughout Bar Buoy from plastic free dispatch packaging to using paper cups at tasting events. But beyond these small, yet important touches, the business has been built on provenance.

This means that the supply chain is reduced by working with local spirit partners who not only produce exceptional spirits, but also have emphasis on their own sustainability practices. For instance, Salcombe Gin, with initiatives supporting ocean conservation, and Two Drifters Rum, renowned as the world’s first carbon-negative rum distillery, are both Devon based and align with Bar Buoy’s own values around environmental responsibility.

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