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Beeble was founded by a beekeeper and a bookkeeper whose aim was to prove that sustainability and business can coexist and flourish at the same time. Together, Matt and Nicola are responsible for the existence of 130 hives (8 million bees) around their home in Wiltshire, where they collect and use honey in their scrumptious Original Honey Whisky and Honey Vodka Liqueur. Nicola’s first colony of bees provided enough honey to distribute amongst friends and family, but she soon realised that it was difficult to avoid wasting residual honey that was left on the frames within the hive. To avoid this waste, Nicola and Matt soaked the frames into whisky. This turned out to be the first ever batch of Beeble Honey Whisky and they haven’t looked back since!

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Their Story

It all started ten years ago with one hive and one beekeeper hidden away in Wiltshire. New to beekeeping, our Founder Nicola, was making just enough honey to give some jars to friends with a bit left over for breakfast. She started to become frustrated at the waste left on the frames when spinning the honey and so decided to soak the frames in whisky. After leaving it for a few days, she returned to find the honey had infused into the whisky and she had created the most delicious drink in the process. 

Beeble was born. 

Our Wiltshire-based bees now work closely with Strathearn Distillery in Perth, Scotland to create our smooth, rich honey whisky with subtle floral notes. We have just released a brand new honey vodka with a honey rum on the way next year. The results are a taste sensation, and it’s not just us that thinks so! We have been awarded a Great Taste Award for both liqueurs.

Brought together by our shared love of bees, our mission is to support and celebrate the bees for the life force that they are. We pride ourselves on giving as much back to our local ecosystem as we possibly can, giving every part of our process the care and attention it needs. In doing so we are completely sustainable. 

With almost eight million Wiltshire bees at the heart of the Beeble team, we have grown bee-yond what we expected, and are hoping to continue to go from strength to strength as part of the Craft Drinks movement! 

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