Introducing Beeble! Where honey meets whisky, rum and tequila in a sweet symphony. Born from a Cotswolds home, their unique blends captivate taste buds, celebrating life’s sweetness. Life is Sweet with Beeble.

About Beeble

Meet Beeble’s dynamic duo: Nicola, the beekeeper, and Matthew, the bookkeeper. Together, they’re the sweet and savvy pair behind this range of irresistible honey spirits, which uses the finest 100% raw Wiltshire honey.

About the Range

Experience Beeble’s range: Honey Whisky, a Cotswolds classic blending scotch’s tradition with honey’s sweetness. Honey Rum, a blend of Wiltshire’s finest honey with barrel aged Trinidadian rum. Honey Tequila, where agave zest meets honey’s richness. All crafted sustainably for a symphony of flavours


Sustainability is at the heart of everything Beeble does. With 100% natural ingredients and a B-Corp certification, they’re committed to a green, bee-filled future. Their beekeeping courses empower enthusiasts to preserve bee populations. From hive to bottle, every step echoes their dedication to conserving the planet.

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