An Artisan spirits collection based around the stunning 9,000 acre Yattendon Estate in West Berkshire. Our philosophy is to create enduring, sustainable botanical spirits and liqueurs using the inspiration of botanicals growing on the Estate.

About Berkshire Botanical

Berkshire Botanical is an artisan spirits brand created by Johnny Neill and located in the stunning 9,000 acre Yattendon Estate in West Berkshire. 

The Berkshire Botanical philosophy is to create enduring and sustainable botanical spirits and liqueurs using botanicals growing on the estate. They produce exquisite gins and liqueurs each containing ingredients that represent the Great British countryside. Their beautifully branded bottles also depict traditional wildlife found in the UK.

About the Range

Each of the Berkshire range takes its inspiration from the surrounding countryside, although their animals are now exploring further afield!

 Berkshire Dry Gin is distilled with hand-picked botanicals including Norway Spruce from the estate (The Yattendon Estate is one of the largest Christmas tree producers in the UK). Juniper, Coriander, Sweet Orange peel and Grapefruit sit alongside and it is this fabulous foundation that underpins the rest of the range.

All the expressions are perfectly balanced for a G&T or more adventurous cocktails.


As well as sourcing local ingredients from the countryside around the distillery, they are also partnered with the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust to ensure that they are working to protect local wildlife and giving wildlife a voice.

Berkshire Botanical’s energy is generated by renewable resources and they are on our journey to achieve Net zero on our production and packaging.

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