Bitter Union are pushing the boat out and strive to make something very different. Unconventional and very much non-traditional, they bring a fresh faced a and creative approach to bitters.

With a range of three bottles, these are not just a splash of an afterthought to make a pink G&T. Their Aromatic No.1 works well as an all-round addition to an Old Fashioned cocktail. Their No.2 can be added to a Green Tea, and their No.3, with its notes of orange, warming ginger, and star anise, is great in a hot chocolate!

Their Story

Bitter Union is the product of a husband and wife team that crafts bitters in small batches within the depths of Hampshire. Inspired by the resurgence of bitters as seen in the US and Canada, Tom and Lucy began making their own bitters at home, infusing botanicals in high proof alcohol for around four weeks. They grow many of the ingredients such as rhubarb and thyme themselves, starting with robust flavours and then refining the taste.

The importance of bitters in cocktails shouldn’t be underestimated: “It’s almost like salt and pepper for drinks,”Tom explains.“Bitters are special in that they are able to enhance existing flavours in the overall drink while also adding a delicate aroma that then takes it up to the next level in terms of sensory experience.”

Our Brand Profile