Black Lion Vodka is the UK’s rarest vodka!  It’s the first vodka to be made in the UK from sheep’s milk and is the inspiration of Tim and Tanya Spittle who amongst other things, rear and nurture their flock of rare breed sheep on their family farm in the Cotswolds. Black Lion Vodka is a crisp, clean and characterful vodka that’s silky smooth and has the subtle aromas and flavour of the Edelweiss flower. A truly unique Cotswold born and Swiss-inspired vodka launched exclusively through the Craft Drink Co. 

Black Lion Vodka - Espresso Martini
Tim & Tanya - Black Lion Vodka Founders

Their Story

We’re a family-owned, British business with a passion for adventure and sustainability. Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to convert an otherwise waste product into the UK’s first sheep’s milk vodka. We set up the business in 2018 with the vision to enter the spirits industry with our niche alcoholic beverage made from a rare breed of sheep.

Throughout British Farming, there have always been waste products from traditional farming techniques. This continues to give us the opportunity to develop new ways to transform waste produce into niche and innovative products.

Originally from the mountains of Switzerland, the Valais Blacknose sheep are an extremely rare breed that now forms part of our flock. Using selective breeding, we have created the Black Lion sheep which allows us to contribute to the preservation of this iconic breed.

The process of producing our Black Lion Vodka is extremely unique, and all starts with the birth of a lamb. This journey takes 2 years of work on the farm to nurture and grow our flock, before they are fully-fledged and ready for milking. It is only then that the waste product is produced and the triple distillation and filtration process with our master distiller can begin to create a crisp and flavourful vodka.

With most vodkas being made from grains, potatoes or grapes, we saw an opportunity to put our rare breed of sheep firmly on the map. One of the subtle flavours of Black Lion vodka is Edelweiss. The Edelweiss flower is small with fluffy white leaves and is the national flower of Switzerland. In addition to this, it’s seen as a symbol of courage, bravery and eternal love making it the perfect for encompassing everything we stand for.

Sheaf House Farm was purchased by Tim’s family nearly 50 years ago, which included a dairy, extensive flocks of sheep and a large arable operation. Now, 50 years later we are rejuvenating what was a tired old farm into an increasingly sustainable business to pass on for generations to come.

From farmers, to fitness enthusiasts to vodka producers, we’re proud to have produced the UK’s rarest vodka.

We believe in the necessity of reducing our waste as a business. Taking a sustainable approach to farming allows us to develop a unique spirit made from an otherwise waste product. We are proud to contribute to the conservation of the Valais Blacknose sheep and hope to educate our customers about where their vodka comes from.