BLACKLION is a crisp, clear and flavourful 40% abv vodka, with a full body, an impossibly smooth finish and warming afternotes. It’s delicious flavours, including notes of edelweiss, all come from the fermenting and distilling process.


BLACKLION is fermented and distilled in the Cotswolds, using local spring water and the sugars-rich whey left over after cheese making – whey that would otherwise go to waste. The milk comes from a flock of unique Black Lion sheep, bred and grazed on what’s been the family farm for two generations.

About the Range

BLACKLION is flavourful and very versatile. As a sipping vodka, serve freezing cold over ice. Or enjoy its unique flavour in a BLACKLION cocktail. An impossibly smooth finish makes BLACKLION easy for anyone to enjoy.


As farmers and founders, Tim & Tan Spittle are always looking to further sustainability – and that means sustaining the family farm business too! Transforming whey, which used to go to waste, into a ridiculously delicious vodka helps them do both.

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