Italian in Spirit, Blackfords produce unique British Limoncello and Pompelmocello. Their mission is to create the sharpest citrus drinks company in the UK and to change the way that Limoncello is drunk and appreciated.

About Blackfords

Blackfords started off life in our Cotswold kitchen but was born out of a love for Italy. Years living in and visiting southern Italy honed their skills in producing this wonderfully versatile drink.

Hilary Blackford - Blackfords Limoncello

About the Range

Blackfords have created what many believe is the smoothest and most flavoursome cellos possible using the very best ingredients. All of their products are made in small batches to maintain their unique flavour and quality. They source unwaxed organic lemons from Margherita and Antonio, their Amalfi growers.


Blackfords use all the of excess lemon zest, pulp and juice from their lemons to make Marmellata di Limoni which they sell; zero waste production at its best. Their grapefruits are zested and the fruit and juice is then distributed around the local village.

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