Food is very much centre of family life at the home of Paul and Hilary Blackford and many a sweet treat has been carefully crafted from the family kitchen. With a love of limoncello from Italy, it didn’t take Hilary long to start experimenting with creating her own and so Blackfords was born from their kitchen in a small Cotswolds village. Her Limoncello is a traditional and simple recipe where only the best ingredients are simply allowed to sing out. Packaged in striking bottles and branded in colours synonymous with the Cotswold flag, Blackfords Limoncello is ideal for restaurants, pubs and hotels looking for a truly authentic, high quality liqueur, and of course is a great retail.

Limoncello Bottle
Hilary Blackford - Blackfords Limoncello

Their Story

“Blackfords grew in my kitchen in a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds where I live, using the best ingredients I can find.  My lemons come from Sicily: organic, unwaxed and handpicked by Giuseppe who sends them to us from his estate near Marsala in western Sicily to Gloucestershire.  Our alcohol is the very best of British, from Essex. My Limoncello comes from a recipe I was given when my husband was working in Italy. It makes frequent appearances at the end of a good dinner and is always on friends’ wish lists for Christmas.”

Paul & Hilary Blackford


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