Bloody Drinks are the producers of premium, pre-mixed Bloody Marys in a can. Friends and founders, Harry and Will were fed up with being served substandard versions of what should be the most complex and delicately balanced cocktail there is! After two years of experimentation, they found the perfect combination of ingredients from the very best suppliers. Crafted using nothing but proper, quality ingredients and canned for maximum freshness and instant satisfaction, this will be your ‘go to’ cocktail on a lazy Sunday!

Bloody Drinks Lifestyle
Bloody Drinks Lifestyle

Their Story

We are the UK’s first proper bells and whistles Bloody Mary in a can. We were fed up with being served dodgy versions of what should be the most complex, delicately balanced, delicious cocktail out there.

It boiled our Blood.

So we found a solution.

Harry’s legendary recipe, and the humble can. In this beautifully sleek aluminium cylinder we had a vessel that could keep our quality ingredients fresh, lock in the punchy flavours we love, and guarantee a perfectly convenient, consistent serve, every time. It also meant we could dive into the most exciting, rapidly growing drinks category while we were at it, and have the perfect spring board to develop more new and exiting products with complex, savoury flavour profiles.

This is a unique recipe, made with the best non GMO ingredients from around the world with no additives, bulking agents, binders, gums, colourings or flavour enhancers.

Bloody Drinks was born.

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