Borrago pairs deliciously with mixers to give a fragrant and delicious zero proof, botanical non alcoholic spirit. The beautiful bottle has presence and the whole ensemble creates a wonderful celebratory moment. A proper drink, with theatre, style, taste and fragrance. Borrago (pronounced boar-ah-go) is named after the latin classification name for borage, a bright blue edible flower. It is natural, delicious, colourful, beautiful and multi-faceted. This little blue flower is in the logo and when in season can be used as an extra special garnish.

Borrago Cocktail
Borrago Cocktails

Their Story

Borrago is a delicious UK crafted Paloma Blend non-alcoholic spirit with the aim to produce a naturally delicious, grown up drink without the alcohol, sugar or calories.  Borrago is built from the ground up using natural botanical flavours and scents. Borrago is described as a non-alcoholic spirit as is designed like a quality gin or vodka as a base for delicious cocktails, but without the alcohol.

Borrago was invented by founder Tom Tuke-Hasting and his passion towards entertainment, fine food and drink who desired better non-alcohol options. Borrago is named after the borage flower. A beautiful, natural and delicious edible flower which provides outstanding habitat for wild bees and attractive garnishing for Borrago drinks.

Borrago is continuously growing, now featured in Michelin starred restaurants, bars, hotels and spas, in addition to iconic stores, farm shops and independent wine merchants and exported to countries all over the world. The brand has also launched the world’s first bicycle side bar and boat bar and have just unveiled their mechanical cocktail contraption. The honey produced in their own Borrago Beehive is used in the production of delicious Borrago cocktails.

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