Bramley & Gage is a small family-run distillery focused on making the highest quality fruit liqueurs and vermouths.
The company was founded in 1988 by Edward Bramley Kain and Penelope Gage who moved to South Devon to grow a range of traditional fruit varieties on their farm. After 10 years they sold the farm and moved into a dedicated building to concentrate on liqueur production. They still insisted on sourcing the best-quality fruits to produce the most flavoursome liqueurs. Thirty years since the first bottle of liqueur was made, Penelope and Edward’s children run the business; still making spirits in exactly the same way – in small batches giving the freshest flavours possible!

Bramley & Gage Liqueurs
Bramley & Gage Liqueurs

Their Story

Edward Bramley Kain and Penelope Gage started making liqueurs on their fruit farm in South Devon over 30 years ago. In order to diversify their activities within the farm, they decided to use their fruits to create a range of handcrafted liqueurs, to be enjoyed by the family. The success of their hobby encouraged the family to expand production and sell commercially.

Today, they use locally sourced ingredients where possible and have crafted an exceptional range of premium liqueurs which have sold with considerable success. 

The family operation has since moved to Gloucestershire and has been taken over by Michael and Felicity, Edward and Penelope’s two children where the business has grown from strength to strength.

Guided by the family expertise in liqueurs, they set about perfecting a gin recipe and launched the incredibly popular 6 O’clock range of gins, alongside their well established liqueur selection.