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BumbleBee Cider uses the best British cider apples from the West Country to bring you deliciously appley and refreshing cider.

About Bumblebee Cider

Back in 2012, James & Tim (a.k.a. the BumbleBee Boys) escaped the London rat-race and headed West, lured by the promise of the finest cider apples in England. It was obvious their favourite drink was yet to go through the transformation craft beer had. With so many big brands disguised as ‘craft cider’ they decided a fresh face was needed to start properly reconnecting people with where it’s all supposed to begin – the apples

About the Range

Cider apples have one purpose – to make cider! They have too many tannins for eating and cooking but that is what gives the cider its classic earthy quality. The team at Bumblebee let the natural yeasts from the apple skins turn the juice to cider base and then the true art comes in with the blending.


They also wanted their new venture to have an environmental ethos and dedicated their brew to the little furry dudes that are chief pollinators of apple blossom: bumblebees. They are responsible for the Somerset bittersweet cider apple varieties that makes our taste profile so scrumptious!

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