It was growing up in a London pub that gave Sam Burke the taste for creating her own beers. All of the ingredients and even the bottles are British and the first two beers’ names have connections with the Cotswolds.

About Burke’s Beers

Burke’s Beers is named after founder Sam Burke and brewed in the beautiful village of Blockley in the Cotswolds. It is a very small brewery, nano, in fact and she brews, bottles and labels everything by hand. The beers are made traditionally with love and care and are conditioned in the bottle and are unfined and unfiltered so just the basic ingredient. Sam uses only British malts, hops and yeast and even the bottles are made in Britain. All the grain goes to a local farm and the hops are composted.

About the Range

Shin Kickers Pale Ale is named after one of the events in The Cotswold Olimpicks held in Chipping Campden every year at Dover’s Hill just down the road from the brewery.

Blockley Blonde is named after the village I live in, one of the hidden treasures of The Cotswolds and the centre of the silk trade in the 18th and 19th century.


With 100% of the ingredients and materials being used to make the beers coming from the UK, Burke’s Beers can boast an impressively low carbon footprint. 

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