Burning Barn was founded after an enormous fire engulfed the family farm. The fire inspired the brand and the flavours they use – that’s why they roast the spices for our Spiced Rum themselves and why they use apple wood from our own orchard to smoke their Smoked Rum.

About Burning Barn Rum

Crafted, blended and bottled, on site, by hand, by the Burning Barn team, in the West Midlands. Harry & Katherine, the husband and wife at the helm, couldn’t do it without their small but perfectly formed team.

They only use whole, natural ingredients to flavour their remarkable rums. They’re aiming for maximum first taste impact – over delivering on what you’d expect from flavoured rum.

About the Range

Burning Barn use boat loads of whole vanilla pods in their Spiced Rum but they are anything but Vanilla. Spiced Rum that’s a little bit dangerous, Smoked Rum flavoured with wood harvested from their land and the best Honey you can find for their Honey & Rum Liqueur.
Their Spiced Apple Rum is inspired directly by the orchard on which they’re based. They use fresh apple juice to dilute the rum rather than boring old water, genius or what?!


From day 1, Burning Barn have been a plastic free brand, using only glass, recycled paper labels, real cork and wood stoppers with no plastic seal. It is really important to them that after enjoying our delicious rum, you can safely recycle each element of the bottle.

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