Based near Northleach, in the heart of the Cotswold Hills, cidermaker David Lindgren gathers unsprayed dessert, culinary and cider apples from gardens and heritage orchards across Gloucestershire, to make his first-class ciders and perry.

About Bushel + Peck

When David Lindgren exchanged the corporate world to set up The Cotswold Fruit Company and a life of self-employment, it was with the intention of keeping things as simple and as local as possible. Nothing has changed in the intervening years.

From the very beginning, Bushel + Peck cider and perry has been made only with unsprayed apples gathered from gardens and traditional orchards in Gloucestershire.

About the Range

Unsprayed means exactly what it says – that no sprays have been used on the trees or the fruit that are used to make Bushel + Peck. In this way, David can be sure that the fruit is as natural as possible and that no birds, bees, bugs or mammals have been harmed unnecessarily in the making of their drinks. 

The company’s financial support of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust is related to this environmental attention as well as, of course, the important role bees play in pollinating fruit trees.


In exchange for free juice or cider, David collects fruit from all over Gloucestershire to turn it into Bushel + Peck cider or Humblebee juice.

He will ask homeowners to confirm that their trees haven’t been sprayed, and that they are in Gloucestershire.  He also asks that the quality of the apples are good – they don’t have to be perfect, but good enough that you’d eat them.

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