Conker Spirit is Dorset’s first gin distillery. Free from the constraints of tradition, their spirits aren’t moulded by antiquated expectations. Conker’s fresh approach comes from a dogged pursuit of the new and exciting, ultimately with a ruthless focus on quality.

No gimmicks. No fuss. Just top-notch small batch gin distilled in Dorset from British wheat spirit and New Forest Spring Water.

Their Story

Conker Spirit is the brainchild of founder Rupert Holloway, an ex-Chartered Quantity Surveyor, who threw in the towel to try his hand at making gin. Fast forward 6 years, and it was certainly worth the risk. But when Rupert ditched the job, sold his car and spent his days hunched over a teeny copper pot still in his kitchen, he could have been mistaken for a mad man. Thank goodness it all came good. It’s been a very silly, but wonderful, journey. Conker are committed to innovative and exciting spirits, with a focus on quality without the gimmicks or shortcuts. They are the real deal; the distillers, bottle labellers and even the botanical foragers. In April 2015 Conker launched the Dorset Dry, a bright

and refreshing take on a London Dry with the Dorset notes of elderberries, marsh samphire and hand-picked gorse flowers.

Our Brand Profile


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