Rory Souter founded the Cotswold Cider Company through his passion for our diverse native apple varieties and the orchard environment in which they grow. Both strike a chord with him in how we should appreciate our natural surroundings and how the goodness of the apple can deliver such rich and majestic flavours as cider does. He wants to help popularize ‘real’ cider using the very best bittersweet cider apples, whilst combining some personality, character and a little humour in the styles he produces.

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Hi, I’m Rory – nice to meet you…

My cider story starts sometime in the noughties when we moved to an old Oxfordshire water mill, home to a small but thriving orchard. I grew curious about the trees and the abundant crop they produced, feeling compelled by their squandered supply and how to salvage it.

I started to investigate how to ferment the juice and after making my first 25L batch I knew I was hook, line and sinker for all things APPLE. An apple odyssey ensued and I began a quest to find and work with those mighty cider apples and create a drink worthy of their gifts…

Following a tenancy offer for a nearby Cotswold orchard I was able to nurture my burgeoning passion and it didn’t take long before I knew I needed to dedicate myself to the Real Cider Movement. And so The Cotswold Cider Company was created, to bring Real Cider to The Cotswolds and beyond. It’s cider made properly, without the junk, inspired by the stunning landscape I call home. My contribution to a noble cause, an incredible fruit and an unrivalled location. I invite you to attend a sermon and try it for yourself…

Rory Souter, Founder and Expert Cider Maker

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