A small single estate vineyard in West Sussex where magic runs deep in the soil allowing them to grow grapes to make wine as around them nature does it’s remarkable thing.

About Dillions Vineyard

Planted in 2019 by the Trott family, they wanted to bring the essence of Dillions, its beauty, the fresh air and nature at its very best into a range of simple, non-pretentious but very drinkable English wines beautifully packaged and presented to reflect the beauty of Dillions.

About the Range

They have four wines currently on offer from two different vintages, 2022 and 2023. A Bacchus and a Pinot Rosé.

The summer of 2022 was relatively warm and dry allowing them to produce wines that have strong aromas of elderflower and gooseberry (Bacchus 2022) and summer red fruits (Pinot Rosé 2022). Both are balanced and vibrant on the palette but retain refreshing levels of acidity. They both go particularly well with summer foods such as chicken salads, grilled sea food.

Their newly released Bacchus 20023 and Pinot Rosé 2023 are lighter wines, reflecting a wetter summer with their lower sugar and alcohol. They are nevertheless crisp and refreshing and are a delight to drink on their own on a warm summer’s day.


Dillions are a Wine GB certified sustainable vineyard. They use minimum intervention techniques on their vines and encourage wild flowers and fauna in their vine rows and hedgerows. They have their own PV source of power and water form their own borehole meaning they are close to being carbon neutral in their vineyard operations. Their packaging is all made from recycled and recyclable materials.

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