Drop Bear are on a mission to brew the best 0.5% abv craft beers and build a better world in which to drink them

About Drop Bear

Drop Bear was started by Joelle and Sarah in 2018, they wanted to create a range of non alcoholic beers that taste great and are enjoyable to drink. The drop bear is a fictional creature is Australian folklore, the homeland of co-founder Sarah!

About the Range

 They brew their beers in a genuine brewery, using real beer ingredients. Some of their popular brews include the juicy IPA True Colours, the zesty Yuzu Pale Ale, the tropical Tropical IPA, the rich Bonfire Stout, and the hop-forward New World beer. Drop Bear Beer Co. is known for its award-winning, carbon-neutral, low-calorie, vegan, and gluten-free offerings.


Drop Bear Beer Co. is committed to sustainability in various ways. They produce carbon-neutral beer by offsetting emissions through global projects. Their practices include using a 100% renewable energy-powered vehicle, plastic-free packaging, and a paperless office. Their website is also carbon-neutral, hosted on renewable energy servers.

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