A wide range of 100% organic Ciders produced in the capital of the Cotswolds with some of the best apples from orchards in the Herefordshire area.

About Dunkertons Cider

Dunkertons history reaches back to 1980 when Ivor and Susie Dunkerton made the decision to escape London and buy a small holding in Pembridge, Herefordshire. They realised that with such a small amount of land they needed to specialise in some form of agriculture and spotted that traditional cider making presented a fantastic opportunity.

In 2014 Ivor and Susie decided to pass the business on to their son Julian Dunkerton. 2016 saw the production of cider moved to Gloucestershire to a specially developed site just outside Cheltenham in Dowdeswell. The move to Dowdeswell Park facilitates our future growth plans which includes creating new ciders and exporting to further overseas territories. The site at Dowdeswell will have a purposely built shop for fans of our cider to come and buy from us as well as book cider tours and tastings. Meanwhile in Pembridge our orchards continue to thrive and our shop continues to open every Friday and Saturday.

About the Range

They are best known for our hop-forward pale ales and New England-style IPAs, but they’re passionate about brewing a wide range of styles to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy their beer. They’re increasingly interested in lager production and have always had a soft spot for classic Belgian styles.


Environmental consideration was placed firmly at the heart of the business by working with the countryside, its seasons, ways and principles.

39 years later the Soil Association organic values remain at the heart of their cider making. Dunkertons nurture their orchards and over the years as new trees have been planted acting as sanctuaries for wildlife, the eco system has thrived; owls’ nest, bees buzz, and hedgehogs snuffle through the undergrowth.

Organic methods involve using lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers. Landscapes prosper as healthy soils are a major store of carbon, containing three times as much as the atmosphere and five times as much as forests.


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