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Edwards 1902 English potato vodka is crafted in Lincolnshire from a single variety of potato – the King Edward. The King Edward potato was first cultivated in 1902 in fields just a few miles away from the distillery.

About Edwards Vodka

Founded by a team with more than a century of potato growing heritage, Elsham Wold Distillery is located on the border of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire; just a few miles from where the base ingredient, the King Edward potato, was first cultivated in 1902.

Proud of their 100-year potato growing heritage, firm British roots, provenance and family are truly at the heart of the distillery.


About the Range

They truly believe that quality British vodka made from locally grown, raw ingredients could transcend the popular craft market and conquer the premium spirits industry. They set out to prove that quality produce, originating from their own farms across Lincolnshire & beyond, could create a premium single-estate potato vodka, from a simple ingredient on their doorstep that they already knew so well.
Their range includes classic premium vodka, flavoured vodka, premixed cocktails and a selection of liqueurs.


They are committed to supporting local farmers and businesses, their vodka bottle is made 60 miles away, their coffee comes from a coffee roaster 300m down the road, and their rhubarb comes from the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle.

They are also committed to reducing their environmental impact across the distillery. Solar panels to offset the electricity used in the distillery and they are currently in the process of applying to have a wind turbine on their site. Wonky potatoes are first in line for their vodka and the team at Edwards are also working with a local honey producer to set up bee hives and native bee colonies in the nearby Lincolnshire Wolds to help with pollinator conservation.

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