In 2002, Harry Briggs & Marcus Waley-Cohen were working in the city, burning the candle at both ends, and trying to stay healthy at the same time. They felt deeply underwhelmed by the walls of bland sugary soft drinks that passed as refreshment and decided it was time to create a ‘better’ soft drink. After much research, Firefly was born.

Each flavour is a blend of unusually delicious fruit juices, botanical extracts and water. All 100% natural with no added sugar, colour or preservatives. Each drink is delicious, healthy & innovative, helping people get the most out of life, naturally.

Their Story

Firefly was founded in 2003 by Harry Briggs and Marcus Waley-Cohen, two London-based entrepreneurs. The herbal formulas for the drinks were developed with two UK-based herbalists, Michael McIntyre and Andrew Chevallier. The drinks were originally launched with four variants, in Harvey Nichols, London during July 2003.

Their delicious drinks are expertly crafted from still water, fruit juice, and blended with botanical extracts, giving the perfect combination of flavour, refreshment and elegance.

The team have collaborated with industry experts, award-winning mixologists and world-renowned herbalists to create the perfect range of sophisticated grown up mocktails. These non-alcoholic drinks don’t leave a sickly-sweet taste in the mouth and can be drank neat or pimped up to add some drama to booze free Friday nights.

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