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Pioneers of premium British lager, evolving traditional lager-brewing processes to produce beers that are natural, bright and utterly refreshing. No gimmicks, no compromise – proper beer, brewed properly.

About Freedom Brewery

Founded in 1995 in London, Freedom wanted to revive lager and make a better beer, never sacrificing on quality or taste. Having moved to Staffordshire in 2005, our brewing process takes 6 weeks, focusing on sustainably brewing beers that are natural, bright, and full of flavour.

About the Range

Freedom’s range focuses on key values – premium, British, sustainable. Brewed with patience using the best ingredients, Vegan Society approved and the perfect choice for bright, tasty and refreshing beers. Proper beer, brewed properly.


Freedom’s commitment to sustainability is key to their ethos. They source their natural spring water from a bore hole on site, with all waste recycled through our reed bed filtration system. They reduce their energy consumption through fluid heat exchange. They are also supporting biodiversity with their very own beehives! And so much more!

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