Freedom Brewery was established in Fulham during 1995 and soon became a pioneer of premium craft lager brewing in the UK. In 2004, Freedom moved to their current residence in the heart of rural Staffordshire near the world famous brewing town of Burton-On-Trent. Here, they were able to draw spring water from their very own borehole, blending innovation with tradition. The team were determined to make a better beer; fully conditioned, naturally carbonated, unpasteurised, filtered, consistent, balanced and ultimately brilliant!

Their Story

‘ Freedom’s story began in Fulham, London in 1995. From our little brewery we had big dreams to create lagers without compromise. We wanted to brew the beers we wanted to drink. Along came our first beer, a twist on the classic pilsner. It was a good beer too! But we quickly wanted to make it even better.

We decided to move out of London when our brewery started to grow. We wanted to go where the good water is, rather than keep adding additives to mimic it. We also wanted to pursue our dream of being a more sustainable brewery, so we were over the moon when we could move to a farm!

In 2014 we built our reed bed water filtration system which cleans all our waste water without chemicals. Through a natural anaerobic digestion treatment system all the water is naturally filtered and returned to the local environment.

Our brewery was recognised by the Society of Independent Brewers Association for our work on producing sustainable authentic beers. They recognised to hard work in our brewing process, waste water filtration recycling and even when we took on 5 colonies of bees to support bio-diversity.

Our Brand Profile