Gattertop Drinks Co was founded by Gemma Standeven, who spent her childhood sampling home-grown orchard fruits at Gattertop Farm, the inspiration behind her delicious craft vodkas. Gemma’s experimental vodka recipes proved exceptionally popular amongst friends and family, and she was encouraged to increase production to a wider audience. The first expression to launch was Damson No.12, a superb Damson infused British vodka, using only organic fruits from the farm. Botanic No.7 followed, and is a smooth and subtle British botanical vodka of exceptional taste.         

Gattertop Drinks - Damson Vodka
Gattertop Drinks - Botanical Vodka

Their Story

Gattertop Drinks Company is at the forefront of orchard inspired organic spirits.

Owing our namesake to the historic farm dating back to 1086, all our organic ingredients are hand-picked from orchards steeped in history. Sustainably driven and one of the first carbon-neutral drinks companies in the UK, we are committed to preserving and protecting the orchards, safeguarding the landscape that we rely on to produce our meticulously crafted organic vodka spirits.

Founder, Gemma Standeven, took inspiration from her family farm. Benefitting from the abundance of produce, Gemma experimented until she achieved two extraordinary vodkas that are versatile and full of flavour.

The first orchard inspired creation was Damson Nº12. Small batches of organic damsons are steeped in premium British vodka for a year resulting in the deep and distinctive flavour found in the liqueur. Damson Nº12 is now an internationally acclaimed damson vodka by the IWSC and a winner of the Great taste award 5 years in a row. The considered and slow process behind making Damson Nº12 is what makes it truly unique and delicious.

Botanic Nº7 is a smooth and subtle British vodka infused with seven botanicals foraged from the grounds of Gattertop. Botanic Nº7 is an all-natural spirit of exceptional taste achieving 96 out of 100 in the 2021 IWSC Spirit awards making it the highest-scoring vodka in England. Encapsulating the authentic flavour English countryside in a bottle; Botanic Nº7 is fresh, clean, and elegant, mixing modern and traditional flavours. Appealing to both vodka and gin drinkers who prefer natural flavours and enjoy a healthier ‘low calorie’ drink. Botanic No7 can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or as a martini.

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