Griffiths Brothers Distillery are a family run operation, tucked away in the Chiltern village of Penn Street, and are Buckinghamshire’s first ever micro-distillery.  It started as a challenge for gin-loving brothers and tech specialists Alex and Andrew Griffiths – to create a gin that family and friends would love. They immediately started experimenting with a range of botanicals and flavours until they eventually found their award-winning blend of 13 botanicals. The gin is cold distilled in-house using a rotary evaporator (the largest in the country), with each botanical being distilled at a low temperature, rather than being heated in the style of traditional distilling. This is undertaken by very few distilleries in the UK and characteristically produces brighter, more natural flavour notes and a smoother, cleaner finish.

Their Story

‘We’re a family run distillery in the Buckinghamshire village of Penn Street, deep in the Chiltern Hills. It started out as a challenge between two brothers. Could we create a gin from scratch that would impress family and friends?

It soon became an obsession. And we set our sights a little higher. We wanted to produce the best hand-crafted gin around.

So, we started looking for a proper home for our still. We asked a family friend who owned a 1930s aircraft factory, converted into industrial units. There was some disused storage space up for grabs which rapidly became Buckinghamshire’s first micro distillery.

The idea of blending modern distilling techniques with the craft of producing small-batch spirits was something that always really inspired us. It was essential to only use the finest and freshest botanicals – to create our own take on classic spirits and create new flavour combinations.

Having experimented with different distilling techniques we were drawn to the idea of cold distillation. During this process, each botanical is individually macerated to draw out its essential oils.

Our two rotary evaporators ‘Roberta’ and ‘Aretha’ distil each botanical in glass, with the highest quality 100% organic wheat spirit. The spirit vapour is then condensed at -8c and each botanical distillation is stored for the flavour to mellow. Only then is it combined by hand to produce the finished gin. Finally, each batch is tasted and every bottle signed.

Cold distillation is more complex, but the results speak for themselves. You’ll find the difference quite surprising.’

Alex & Andrew Griffiths – Founders 

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