Organic soft drinks with the finest quality ingredients, sourced from Fairtrade communities and projects the world over.


Scroll back to the summer of 1987 and you’ll find Craig Sams, prepping for a big party at the Groucho Club, being thrown to celebrate 20 years of the Whole Earth brand, he decides to mix up something intriguing for the alcohol-free drinkers. In doing so, he invents Gusto.

Craig’s children, Rima and Karim, are the first to spot the drink’s potential after it becomes an instant hit. They encourage their father to bottle it for the masses, and the drink appears under the new name, Gusto Original Energy, a couple of years late.

With it’s new moniker, Gusto’s first official product becomes one of the first natural energy drinks to hit the world market, and the only one to do away with the usual synthetics in favour of premium, organic, Fairtrade ingredients.

About the Range

The full Gusto range was expanded and concocted by CEO and Alchemist-in-Chief, Will Fugard, and now includes Gusto Real Cola, Gusto Naturally Slim Cola, Gusto Lemon Energy, Gusto Real Cherry Cola, Gusto Fiery Ginger with Chilli, and Gusto Sicilian Blood Orange.

Continuing to produce entirely organic, premium, adult-oriented soft drinks, Will has stuck to the Gusto tradition of bringing amazing flavours out of the finest ingredients, right there at his kitchen table.


Gusto Organic source ingredients from Fairtrade communities around the world, ensuring ethical and sustainable farming practices. A key ingredient in their drinks is Fairtrade blue agave. This agave is farmed sustainably, supporting local communities in those areas.

Gusto Organic’s commitment to sustainability extends to their production processes, which are designed to be climate-friendly and carbon-neutral. By using natural sweeteners and avoiding refined sugars, they create healthier drinks while also reducing their environmental impact.

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